Thursday, June 21, 2012

Respect for the fans

There are two types of fans: the casual fans who love WWE or TNA and your "smart marks"-fans who love all types of wrestling, ranging from independents here in the United States to international companies. The common denominator they share is their love for the products they watch put money in the pockets of the wrestling companies, and in turn, the wrestlers who work for those companies. I get a little irked when wrestlers blantantly disrespect fans, telling them they are better and smarter than the fans by calling them "smarks", which means smart marks or smart wrestling fans. Case in point, Kevin Nash said on Twitter Tuesday after teasing he would be on WWE Raw the night before that social media "is his PS3. Thanks for playing along tonight. I'll always be relevant due to my IQ." The tweet was in response to many fans who believe Kevin Nash doesn't have a place in the national wrestling spotlight anymore. Bottom line is, no matter who you are in the wrestling business, bottom of the card to main event, the wrestling fans should never be disrespected by the people that they spend their time supporting every week through television viewership and merchandise, pay-per-view, and ticket purchases. The fans are the reason wrestlers like John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, and the very "inquisitive" Kevin Nash have the luxuries they do. It's because of "us," the paying wrestling customer. So next time Nash, or even, Eric Bischoff, TNA executive, who has been notorious for utlizing the internet to bash wrestling fans, or again, "internet marks" for being in the low percentile of wrestling fans who comprise its makeup, they should think that it's those "10 percent" smart fans who are responsible for them earning a living in a business where very few aspiring athletes can make it. Wrestling fans should never, ever, be disrespected by their heroes. And those heroes should remember that there are fans out there who hail them as such on a daily basis.