Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Interview with Chavo Guerrero Sr.

Interview with Chavo Guerrero Sr.

Here is my first video interview in the Attitude Adjustment era.

I interviewed wrestling legend Chavo Guerrero Sr. aka Chavo Classic, father of Chavo Guerrero and brother of World Wrestling Entertainment hall of famer Eddie Guerrero.

Classic accompanied his son Chavo to the ring during River City Wrestling's "Texas Explosion VII" event at the Good Shepherd Activity Center Dec. 8. His son Chavo teamed with his Total Nonstop Action Tag Team Champion partner "Super-Mex" Hernandez and Homicide to take on the RCW Heavyweight Champion Michael Faith, Joey Spector, and Coach Michael Patrick.

Chavo talks about the historic Guerrero legacy in Texas, his wrestling career, and I think he mentions he has a book coming out.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

CM Punk: The last of a dying breed in wrestling

It's proven that wrestlers and even athletes in the general sports world who draw the ire of fans can bring said fans back next time a wrestling/sporting event comes back to town.

They are known as the "heels."

The greatest heels have had that innate ability to draw the fans' thirst to see them get their behinds handed to the next time a wrestling event returns to their town.

Rowdy Roddy Piper had that ability to make fans hate him with a passion with the hope of seeing him get what his. The Nature Boy Ric Flair ditto. A who's who of the greatest villains in professional wrestling history from the late Goregous George to even WWE owner Vince McMahon have had the skill that made fans spend their hard earned money to see their heroes upend the villains.

One of the complaints about the state of professional wrestling today are that there is a shortage of villains who draw that ire of the fans that the bad guys of yesteryear were able to do.

On this past edition of Monday Night Raw, we saw CM Punk take the torch of yesterday's villains and continue the tradition that those before him did by becoming a despicable heel who fans would pay to see lose the WWE Championship.

His alliance with Paul Heyman certainly helps because anytime Heyman speaks on a microphone, fans clamor for him to shut up or for someone to shut him up.

After Punk verbally blasting referee Brad Maddox for not seeing his foot on the rope as he counted the 123 to give John Cena the victory in last week's tag team match, the Second City Saint got into a war of words with both Mick Foley and Cena throughout the show to cement himself as a vile heel.

His way of disrespecting fans and rivals after clamoring for respect of his own makes fans see him as a hypocrite who wants the fans to adore him, but yet, doesn't reciprocate appreciation back makes Punk a bullish heel.

Punk may be the one heel who has gotten 90% of the fans in attendance at WWE live events clamoring for Cena to beat him for the WWE Championship.

The title "Best In The World" may be subject to debate from fans, but if Punk's skill as a vile heel gets Cena over as a babyface then the subject may not be that debatable.

Punk proved Monday night with his disrespect of Foley and belittlement of Cena that he is the torchbearer for a lost tradition in professional wrestling.

He's the one great heel in WWE with the skill to rile up fans and make them want to see someone give him his comeuppance.

Whether it's Cena or a potential new foe like Ryback, who stared down Punk at the end of Monday's Raw after the WWE Champ attacked Foley in the back stage area, fans will want to get behind that person and cheer them on to dethrone Punk.

The art of being a great heel has been lost over the years in wrestling, and Punk has found the lost art and made it into a masterpiece skill.

It's a skill the WWE roster should study the next time Punk speaks on the microphone and draws the ire of fans.

For it's those heat seeking skills that could help them be draw money in a lost-art business.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

An alliance that could lead to CM Punk... turning back babyface?

The biggest story coming out of Monday Night Raw, surprisingly, didn't crash the World Wide Web like I thought it would.

During the John Cena-Alberto Del Rio Falls Count Anywhere match, CM Punk returned after saying he was taking a personal leave earlier in the night and costed Cena the match by driving him head first onto the hood of his town car.

As Raw was about to fade to black, Paul Heyman stuck his head out of the window and revealed himself to be Punk's driver.

With the reveal of a Punk-Heyman alliance, I was surprised servers around the country crashed after tweeting and chatting about the possibilities the internet wrestling community's two favorite wrestling darling could create.

It is speculated that the Punk-Heyman alliance could lead to a faction of well-known independent wrestlers like Claudio Castognoli, who is WWE U.S Champion Antonio Cesaro, Chris Hero aka Kassius Ohno in WWE developmental, and Tyler Black, who currently reigns as NXT Champion while going by the name Seth Rollins.

While it would be a cool idea to witness a Punk-led group of wrestlers dominate the landscape, my crystal ball says that plan is not in the works.

If I were writing WWE television, this is how I would book the Punk-Heyman alliance to lead back to Punk turning back babyface come Wrestlemania 29.

I would have Punk challenge to Cena to waive any right to a WWE Championship rematch if Punk returns at Night of Champions next Sunday.

Punk retains the title under nefarious means in Cena's hometown of Boston.

Cena would not accept how Punk won so he would try to goad Punk into giving him another rematch.

A week later, while Cena again tries to get Punk to give him his rematch, Heyman comes out on behalf of Punk and tells Cena that Punk will give him his rematch on one condition: he has to beat an opponent of his choosing at the next pay-per-view who happens to be another Heyman client, Brock Lesnar.

Cena and Lesnar would collide in a rematch from their epic match at Extreme Rules at the October pay-per-view.

Towards the end of the match, with Cena making another improbable comeback to overcome Lesnar, Punk interferes and costs Cena his one last opportunity to get a rematch for the company's prestigious prize. The pay-per-view ends with Cena and Lesnar standing over Cena with Heyman looking on.

After two weeks of brutal beatdowns from the WWE's newest dominant force, Cena calls on the one guy who can help him out against his biggest foes at Survivor Series: the Rock.

I would have Punk pin the Rock at Survivor Series to set up their eventual showdown at the Royal Rumble.

Rock would go on to beat Punk at the Rumble, ending Punk's 14 month reign as WWE Champion.

Punk would enter the Royal Rumble match later on the night, realizing an opportunity to get back wrestling's greatest prize.

With a final four of Cena, Punk, Lesnar, and Randy Orton, I would have Lesnar eliminate Punk on purpose, setting off Punk on why his ally would rob him of a chance of the WWE title.

In the WWE Championship match At Elimination Chamber, Punk and Lesnar's problems come to ahead as Lesnar eliminates Punk once again from trying to reclaim his WWE Championship. Punk gets furious and hits Lesnar with a steel chair, allowing the Rock to retain his title.

The disintegration leads to a Wrestlemania showdown between Punk and Lesnar, with Punk going in as the babyface fed up with Lesnar screwing him over reclaiming the WWE Championship.

This is not necessarily how it will go down come Wrestlemania 29, but only one can hope the new storyline with Punk and Heyman can be best in the world.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

WWE Summerslam: The Perfect Storm produced scattered showers

As the summer's hottest pay-per-view, WWE Summerslam provided very little sizzle to the paying customers last night.

While there wasn't a bad match on the card, most of the matches ranged from decent to good effort. In other words, save the $50 for the replay, and I wouldn't necessarily recommend the DVD, but I would suggest borrowing it from a friend.

Here's my thoughts on each match:

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: Both combatants put on a subpar match that wasn't on the level of the brutality of John Cena-Lesnar at Extreme Rules in April. The four-month rivalry culminated in with a subpar match that saw both wrestlers grapple, punch, and kick. The match lacked intensity for what was supposed to be a personal grudge match. The right guy won, as Lesnar needed the win after losing to Cena a month after returning from an eight-year hiatus to pursue football and mixed martial arts. Lesnar made Triple H tap out to the Kimura, breaking his arm in the process. After fans seranaded Triple H with "You Tapped Out" chants, "The Game" told the fans he was sorry and indicated he was retiring. We shall see tonight on Raw which direction both men go.

WWE Championship Triple Threat match-CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show- The match was restarted by Raw General Manager AJ Lee after both Cena and Punk made Big Show tap out to their respective submission moves. Cena gave Big Show the Attitude Adjustment only for Punk throw Cena out of the ring to pin a fallen Show to retain the WWE title. The match was fine save for the predictable restart by Lee. With no logical challengers in place, I see Punk vs. Cena at Night of Champions in a few weeks, but Punk will probably retain to prolong his reign for an eventual showdown with the Rock at Royal Rumble.

World Heavyweight Championship-Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio- Nothing that we haven't see from these two, but both put on a decent match. The finish came when the referee attempted to eject Del Rio's ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, out of the ring, only for him to overthrow his shoe to Sheamus to knock Del Rio out. Sheamus connected with the Irish Curse and defeated Del Rio, who had his foot on the rope before Sheamus knocked it off in time, for the second straight pay-per-view. There feud will continue, but I think it will end on Smackdown so Sheamus can possibly move on to a new challenger, and i'm guessing it will be Brock Lesnar.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane- Bryan going over Kane via schoolboy roll up was the right call, as Bryan is picking up steam as a heel, and Kane winning doesn't do anything for him. Kane attempted to chase Bryan backstage, but ran into Josh Matthews who attempted to interview him. Matthews efforts were rewarded with serious whiplash, as Kane threw the small announcer like a rag doll.

WWE Tag Team Championship- Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. The Primetime Players- Kofi and Truth retained their titles, but if there was going to be a title change last night, the tag belts should have changed hands. I see money in the Primetime Players as a top act, even after their manager AW was fired last week. I think the Players are being punished for their departed manager's inappropriate joke about Kobe Bryant's rape case last month. Hopefully WWE sees the Players being money players, no pun intended of course, in the near future and gives them the tag belts.

WWE Intercontinental Championship- Miz vs. Rey Mysterio- Miz retained his title after delivering Skull Crushing Finale to Mysterio in a tightly contested matchup. I get a feeling that Mysterio is going to get pushed down the card and be used to elevate younger talent while Miz will defend the Intercontinental Title against a plethora of challengers to enhance the once-prestigious champioship, held by greats such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and the Mountie. Ok the Mountie wasn't great so sue me.

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler- I didn't see this match, as we originally went to Buffalo Wild Wings only to find out they are no longer showing WWE pay-per-views. Me and my friends decided to hit to Fatso's, and the match finished before we got there. Anyway, I think Ziggler should have gone over as Jericho is expected to finish with WWE tonight on Raw to tour with his band Fozzy. Jericho could have told the crowd after defeat that he needed to re-evaluate his goals and see if wrestling was still in him after losing to Ziggler. In the process, it would have made Ziggler a bigger star for deflating one of wrestling and WWE's greatest superstars. I expect Ziggler to do something tonight to get his heat back, and when Jericho comes back, I expect their feud to pick up steam.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My prediction for Lesnar-HHH: The Perfect Storm

The Brock Lesnar-Triple H bout at Summerslam Sunday won't be your good ol' fashion wrestling match.

It will be a match for the ages and will feature a culture clash of sorts.

It will be the 13-time world champion and a man who represents one of the greatest eras in WWE history, the Attitude Era, in Triple H vs. a wrecking machine who has won championships in the NCAA, the WWE, and the UFC- Brock Lesnar.

These two workhorses are sure to put on a match for the ages, and i've loved the feud that's been brewing since Lesnar broke HHH's arm the night after the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

This is how I see the four-month feud culminating Sunday in Los Angeles.

Lesnar dominates HHH for the first half of the match in the same manner he manhandled John Cena in his return match since leaving WWE eight years ago.

HHH makes the proverbial comeback, and the sledgehammer comes into play. As Triple uses his might to utilize it, Lesnar stops him and punishes him with more brutality until Shawn Michaels makes a surprise return after Lesnar broke his arm on Monday.

When Lesnar has "the Game" in his submission, the Kimura, Michaels stops the match on behalf of his buddy so no further damage is caused.

Lesnar is once again established as a dominant beast after losing to Cena at Extreme Rules and being gone for four months.

Since the WWE Championship picture will be occupied with, more than likely, CM Punk and John Cena until the Rock makes his return at the Royal Rumble, I see Lesnar going after Sheamus' world heavyweight title after Summerslam.

With no credible challengers lined up for Sheamus, I see no bigger challenge to give Sheamus and the world title credibility than WWE's ultimate monster.

The story they can tell is Sheamus has taken out Triple H before, so why doesn't Lesnar try taking out someone who is younger and hungrier to make his mark in WWE history.

While it may not be an ideal matchup like Lensar vs. Punk, Lesnar vs. Randy Orton, or Lesnar vs. the Undertaker, Sheamus and Lesnar have the potential to put on an entertaining feud that could produce a few quality bouts.

My prediction for how Lesnar-Triple H is booked is just that- a prediction, but i'm sure the match will be one that fans will be talking about the day after Summerslam.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

WWE's Superstars stepping up?

I had the pleasure of going to WWE Raw 1,002 last week at the AT&T Center here in San Antonio, and it was one of the best shows i've been to awhile.

But it's not because I witnessed a "match of the year" candidate or a moment that will stand the test of time in WWE annals.

I had a blast watching some of the WWE Superstars find their groove and get over with the WWE Universe.

For the past couple of year, every time i've gone to see a WWE show with my father, we always discuss whether we enjoy the the show and why or why not.

Every time we've had this discussion, it begins the same way on my dad's part: "It was ok, but the matches were too short, and the wrestlers of today don't have any charisma."

I always want to diss my pop's comments because he really doesn't watch wrestling other than when passing by the living room or when a big star returns like the Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

But i've kinda agreed with him on his comments about the lack of charismatic stars that have entertained us on WWE television.

Ever since the end of the Attitude Era, very few WWE Superstars have stepped up to that main event level to lead WWE into a new era save for John Cena, Randy Orton, and recently, CM Punk.

But as I enjoyed Raw live last Monday, I realized that quite a few talents have stepped up their game recently and are finding their groove.

Daniel Bryan has been getting quite the crowd following ever since winning the World Heavyweight Title in December of last year and then losing it in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania 28 in April.

The Yes chants have had WWE live audiences breath life into live shows be it Raw, Smackdown, and pay-per-views. After Bryan's engagement to AJ went south, Bryan has embraced No chants to distance himself from being cheered by the WWE Universe.

For a guy who wasn't pegged to be a main eventer because of his lack of charisma, Bryan has found his stride thanks to his overzealous character and his ability to have great matches with everyone from Punk to Cena.

Dolph Ziggler has really stepped up his game to another level in his current feud with former Undisputed WWE Champion Chris Jericho. Ziggler has the ring skills and the mic ability to cement himself full time into the main event scene after his feud with Jericho presumably concludes at Summerslam.

Ziggler just needs a few more credible wins after that rivalry is done, and I see him being a guy who can carry WWE into a new era of superstardom.

There are also quite a few who have been given chances for superstardom, but for whatever reason, WWE hasn't put their full investment into them.

Alberto Del Rio, Miz, and oddly, Zack Ryder have been given or found characters that the WWE Universe would love (Ryder) or hate (Del Rio, Miz). Those three superstars are still able to generate favorable or unfavorable crowd reactions despite the company's hesitation to give them sustained pushes. With the right backing, those three are one good push from reaching the upper echelon of superstardom.

Even the Primetime Players, who have been on television for over three months, found their groove under manager AW. With AW's recent firing due to a poorly timed Kobe Bryant joke, I hope the charismatic tag team doesn't get lost in the shuffle as they have the tools to be a terrific pair in the tag division.

One up and comer who has gotten my attention lately and has the tools to be a big time player is Damien Sandow. The self-proclaimed "martyr" of the WWE has elicited jeered responses from the WWE Universe due to his "I'm better and smarter than you" attitude, but he also has an aggressive ring style that could lead him to the next level.

Little by little, piece by piece, the superstars of WWE, present and up and coming, are finding their stride, and the superstars I mentioned could lead to WWE to new heights just like its predecessors did.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Respect for the fans

There are two types of fans: the casual fans who love WWE or TNA and your "smart marks"-fans who love all types of wrestling, ranging from independents here in the United States to international companies. The common denominator they share is their love for the products they watch put money in the pockets of the wrestling companies, and in turn, the wrestlers who work for those companies. I get a little irked when wrestlers blantantly disrespect fans, telling them they are better and smarter than the fans by calling them "smarks", which means smart marks or smart wrestling fans. Case in point, Kevin Nash said on Twitter Tuesday after teasing he would be on WWE Raw the night before that social media "is his PS3. Thanks for playing along tonight. I'll always be relevant due to my IQ." The tweet was in response to many fans who believe Kevin Nash doesn't have a place in the national wrestling spotlight anymore. Bottom line is, no matter who you are in the wrestling business, bottom of the card to main event, the wrestling fans should never be disrespected by the people that they spend their time supporting every week through television viewership and merchandise, pay-per-view, and ticket purchases. The fans are the reason wrestlers like John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, and the very "inquisitive" Kevin Nash have the luxuries they do. It's because of "us," the paying wrestling customer. So next time Nash, or even, Eric Bischoff, TNA executive, who has been notorious for utlizing the internet to bash wrestling fans, or again, "internet marks" for being in the low percentile of wrestling fans who comprise its makeup, they should think that it's those "10 percent" smart fans who are responsible for them earning a living in a business where very few aspiring athletes can make it. Wrestling fans should never, ever, be disrespected by their heroes. And those heroes should remember that there are fans out there who hail them as such on a daily basis.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

One giant step forward, two steps backward for wrestling

Just when I think wrestling takes a giant leap forward, I think of ways it takes two steps backwards. With the return of the Rock, and recently, Brock Lesnar, WWE has seen a mild swing in pay-per-view buys as Wrestlemania 28, headlined by Rock vs John Cena, reached 1.3 million buys. Mania'28 became the highest grossing WWE ppv in history. Extreme Rules, which featured a brutal Cena vs Lesnar Extreme Rules, a street fight for the WWE Championship between CM Punk vs Chris Jericho and a 2 out of 3 falls World Heavyweight Championship match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, was arguably the best ppv of the year so far, eclipsing Wrestlemania even. When you think of the roll WWE is on and the potential upswing in business the returns of the Rock and Lesnar could bring, I think of an "old school" issue that plagues the wrestling business. One that's on another wrestling hemisphere so to speak. Nothing screams "political manuevering" more than the current push of Garret Bischoff, son of TNA and former WCW executive Eric, on IMPACT Wrestling. It's no secret in wrestling that sons of promoters have always been given pushes in the family business. Greg Gagne, son of AWA promoter Verne, the Von Erich boys, son of Fritz, in WCCW, and even the Hart boys were featured attractions in father Stu's Stampede Wrestling promotion in Canada. The difference between them and Garrett Bischoff is they had the talent to go with their push. Bischoff hasn't shown any of that during his time on IMPACT Wrestling. No charisma, no personality, and no wrestling skills equals a company going back to a tradition that is frowned upon. It's another case of a promoter forcing the promotion to give his son airtime because of his position of power. "He's a very very talented kid. I told him from the beginning, look you are going to have to be better than the next guy because people are going to be so much more critical of you than they would anybody there," TNA president Dixie Carter said. "And I think because of that, it's a really difficult position to be in, and I respect his guts because it does take a lot-quite honestly-to be able to face that and all these critics. "But the kid's got talent, he really really does. Just like others, he's been cycled into a solid storyline, and there's ebbs and flows to kind of keep people in the limelight. But he's no different than a Crimson who's on a great winning streak or a Magnus." Umm no!! With Cowboy James Storm, who is arguably the best interview and potentially TNA's next big star, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Matt Morgan and Austin Aries on its roster, there is no way Garrett deserves the push he's getting. That is one of the many problems of TNA. They let egos and bad management get in the way of good business decisions. TNA has a roster that is potentially the best of any company right now, even the big gorilla WWE. But when you're taking an old-school approach and pushing a son of a promoter who doesn't have an iota of talent then you're company will always be taking two steps backwards.

Monday, April 30, 2012

ECW: Let it go and let it die

Paul Heyman, former ECW owner, may not be dead yet, but after the trainwreck Extreme Reunion show Saturday, a roll over may due upon eventual burial. Last Saturday's show was another attempt to rekindle the spirit of ECW by bringing back the stars of yesteryear; it was also a show designed to start a new promotion that would be a spinoff of the Philadelphia-based promotion. Instead of ushering a new era, it became a wake for a promotion that died 11 years ago. Advertised talents didn't make the show, those that did show didn't perform, and the booking of the show was horrendous. Sabu, one of ECW's biggest stars, was found unresponsive in his hotel room the day before the show and was in the hospital for evaluation. Justin Credible, former ECW champion, was found slumped over and asleep. Those who found him believed he was in bad shape and asked him to leave the building. An advertised match between Raven and Pitbull Gary Wolfe didn't exactly take place, as a new group of Raven's minions attacked Wolfe and Raven did absolutely nothing. Not even Sandman's entrance with the famed "Enter Sandman" theme could save the treck of a show. Fans were chanting "refund" and "please save this show" during the Jerry Lynn vs Devon Storm match, which was orginally advertised as Lynn vs Credible. That match saved what was little of the show before then. What was orginally advertised as Sabu vs Shane Douglas turned into 2 Cold Scorpio vs Douglas. Fans who paid to see Sabu were not pleased that they didn't get what they paid for walked out during the match. Before the match, when fans were chanting "f**k you Shane" during his promo, Douglas told the fans "You don't work me, I work you." Meaning I don't give a damn what you want because I have your money already. That was a slap to the face of every ECW fan that supported the promotion through its seven-year existence from 1994-2001. Last Saturday's train wreck was proof that the ECW legacy needs to be buried. No more reunion shows, tribute shows, what have you because the promotion is dead and gone. It's not 1995 anymore, and the wrestling business, whether good or bad since, has moved on. The wrestlers that made ECW what it was have either have gone on to WWE or TNA, have retired or sadly have passed. While ECW revolutionized wrestling with its hardcore, grit style of wrestling and its introduction of talent that went on to fame elsewhere, its legacy just needs to let be. As much as WWE, and recently TNA have been criticized for bastardizing the name of ECW, this past Saturday's show went to the 'Extreme', pun intended, of further destroying it. For the sake of the future of the wrestling business, please I ask anybody who's thinkin of the next ECW reunion show to move on, let it go, and find the next promotion that could revolutionize the business. If there's one out there.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Time for the wrestling business to let Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan go

Over 25 years ago, Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair was the ideal dream matchup that everyone wanted to see. Hogan was the biggest star in the WWF at the time and Ric Flair the biggest star of the NWA.

Wrestling fans salivated at the thought of two of wrestling's biggest stars clashing in a titanic matchup.

Today, fans are salivating at the thought of them leaving Wrestling for good.

Hogan and Flair have overstayed their welcome in the wrestling.

Ever since Hogan and Flair arrived in TNA Wrestling in January 2010, the ratings for the IMPACT Wrestling show have failed to garner ratings above a 1.5.

While other issues could be attributed to TNA failing to achieve high ratings, it has been evident that the aura of seeing Hogan and Flair live in person or at home on television has worn off. While both can still get good pops at live shows, the two legends can't elevate a wrestling product to new heights like they did back in the day

Both legends are playing caricatures of themselves, as Flair manages current TNA wrestler Gunner and Hogan is playing the general manager of IMPACT.

Both wrestled in a tag team match on the first Monday night edition of IMPACT when TNA attempted to go head to head with WWE. It was both's first match on a national stage in awhile, but the show only garnered a 1.0 rating.

It was sad to watch them wrestle then and it is sad to watch them now be a shell of their former selves. I would like to remember them for their glory from year's past and not the sadness of seeing them overstay their welcome.

TNA has a wealth of young stars who they should be building around. James Storm, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Matt Morgan are wrestlers TNA should focus on. Even established talents like the newly reinvigorated Jeff Hardy is a talent TNA should think about giving another chance to if he's able to remain clean from his demons.

But it has been clear for years that Hogan and Flair cannot draw eyes to a wrestling product anymore.

What they can draw though is embarrassing, sad attention to themselves.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

John Cena must go away... for a little while

Wrestlemania 28 is in the books and the ending of Raw last night changed the landscape of WWE going forward.

For storyline purposes, this past weekend has been one John Cena would not want to relive when thinking about his career accomplishments.

The Cenation leader lost the "Once in a Lifetime" match to the Rock, and the next night, Brock Lesnar made his shocking return after an eight-year hiatus and delivered an emphatic F-5 to Cena.

The fans in Miami, who were extremely active the whole night, went insane when Lesnar's music hit and welcomed him back with open arms after he left and "took his ball home."

And to see him come back at the expense of someone who some say has been shoved down the throats of wrestling fans for the past six years was the amazing cap to his return.

It looks as if WWE is looking to build to Cena vs. Lesnar at Summerslam or even Wrestlemania 29 next year.
The story kind of writes itself.

Lesnar is looking to reclaim his position at the top of the company, and he's going to do so against WWE's current top guy and a man who never beat Lesnar when he was active in the company.

Cena's first main event pay-per-view WWE title match was nine years ago at Backlash 2003.
His opponent was Lesnar.

How they build to that match is anyone's guess, but now is the time for Cena to leave for a little while, recharge his batteries, and come back with a new attitude.

I would have him not show up on WWE television until the summer to start building to Summerslam. After defeating every foe that has come his way and doing his best to build a match that was a year in the making, Cena was humbled by Rock and humiliated by Lesnar.

He would examine what he did wrong and how he can come back to conquer the two foes that he wasn't able to conquer. He would come back around July and confront Lesnar and challenge him to a match at Summerslam.

I would have Lesnar beat him at the pay-per-view, and Cena would do what he planned on doing last night with the Rock by congratulating Lesnar on the win.

Only he would say that he might've beaten him this time, but he's found the formula to beat him and when the time is right they shall battle again. They go on to a collision course to Survivor Series where this time Cena gets the win with an STF.

Tie in the Lesnar story with the Rock, and have Rock come back to win the Royal Rumble and Cena wins the championship at the Rumble as well.

He loses the championship to Lesnar at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, and Rock makes an appearance and chooses Lesnar has his championship opponent.

The twist would be Cena wants his rematch for the title at Wrestlemania and we are on a collision course to a triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29 between the three biggest stars in pro wrestling.

Cena would regain the WWE Championship by defeating the Rock with an Attitude Adjustment, and therefore, Cena will get his win back over the two wrestlers he hadn't beat.

For the fans, WWE and Cena's sake, he needs to go away for a little while to let these stories sink in and build.

Maybe the fans will embrace him if he comes back with a new attitude.

Like the saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wrestlemania XXVIII predictions

A year's build up that culminates tonight at Wrestlemania 28. Four hours of action headlined by battle where generations collide, the Rock vs. John Cena, Undertaker vs. Triple H with Shawn Michaels as guest referee in the "End of an Era" Hell in a Cell match, CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship, and Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Here are my predictions for the "Super Bowl of Wrestling.

John Cena vs. The Rock- A month ago, I would have told you John Cena would come out the definitive winner, but now i'm not so sure. With the Rock scheduled for Wrestlemania 29, WWE could be building to a three-match series between Cena and Rock. It will definitely be an epic main event that will hopefully live up to the hype. It will be a 25-30 minute match with both competitors exasperated that they can't put each other away for the final count. After serious pondering, i'm going with the Rock to win this one after four Rock Bottom's and John Cena turns heel the next night on Raw due to not being able beat the one guy he needed to defeat to solidify his status as "The greatest WWE Superstar of all time."

Undertaker vs Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match- "The Streak" is the most important accolade to achieve next to winning a world title at Wrestlemania. Undertaker will go 20-0. There is no way that Triple H puts a 1 next to 19. How Undertaker wins the match is anyone's guess, but one thing is guaranteed. Shawn Michaels will get involved in this match somehow and Sweet Chin Music will be part of that involvement.

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship- Fans are predicting this match will be a show stealer, and as someone who loves wrestling at its purest, I think this match will be a wrestling fan's dream. These two gifted wrestlers have built this matchup well, and tonight could be the night Punk gives his Jericho his comeuppance due to Jericho making classless remarks about Punk's family. Punk defeats Jericho with Go To Sleep after a 30 minute encounter.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship- Sheamus won the 2012 Royal Rumble to earn a World Title match at Wrestlemania, and Bryan has been a red hot heel since winning the championship at the TLC PPV. Sheamus has been on a roll since his babyface turn in August, and Bryan has playing the smarmy arrogant heel that fans should pay to see get beat up. It will be a hard-hitting, physical matchup, and Bryan will get the win due to some kinda interference from his girlfriend AJ.

Randy Orton vs Kane- A match that was based of some ridiculous handshake when the two fought last summer. Orton's been getting much of the upper hand lately so I see Kane getting the victory and their feud continues through Extreme Rules in a few weeks.

Cody Rhodes vs Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship- Rhodes has played the pest heel almost to perfection, and Show has played the angry giant part as well. Show should get his "Wrestlemania moment" after all the embarrassment from year's past, getting beat by the likes of Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Akebono. Rhodes wins the match by a belt shot to the head, but Show will connect with the Weapons of Mass Destruction right hand after Rhodes' makes fun of Show for losing another Wrestlemania match

Team Johnny vs Team Teddy- This match is for control of both Raw and Smackdown. Team Johnny wins it here thanks to a Mark Henry World's Strongest Slam on Santino Marella. Unlike most in the WWE Universe, I find John Laurinitis entertaining and think it would be a hoot to see him run both shows every week. I think Teddy Long has been overused so I think he should take a break from WWE TV for awhile.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menunos from Extra vs Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres- If history indicates, this match will be the "bathroom break/popcorn filler" match between the Hell in a Cell and Cena/Rock matches. Menunos gets the "Wrestlemania celebrity spotlight" and pins Torres.

Can't wait for this epic Wrestlemania. I'll be tweeting throughout the show. If you care to follow, my address is @TheWholeFnSchmo.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The new breed must step up after Wrestlemania 28

Yesterday I explained that the "End of an Era" match between Triple H and Undertaker meant that it would be a passing of the torch from one generation to another.
After Wrestlemania this Sunday, every WWE superstar under the age of 30 must step up to the plate and attempt to be a main event level talent.
It is no secret that ratings for WWE programming have declined over the past 10 years.
Some attribute the decline to lack of creativity in storylines and/or connection to the wrestler's personalities.
Wrestling has always been popular in pop culture due to the characters that have captured the audience's imagination.
From Hulk Hogan telling the fans 'Whatcha gonna do, brother?' to Stone Cold Steve Austin saying "Give me a hell yea' to the Rock telling adversaries 'Know your role and shut your mouth.'
All three wrestling icons have defined a generation of wrestling pop culture.
Sadly, other than John Cena and maybe Randy Orton, there are no wresters today who have the character grasp that wrestlers of yesteryear had to connect with the audience.
Vince McMahon has been hesitant to give younger wrestler's main event pushes over the years due to most not being ready for the pressure of being in a top position and also, from fear that they could leave for greener pastures like the Rock or just bolt the company due to burnout like Brock Lesnar did in 2004.
There will come a time when Cena and Orton will leave WWE. There will be a time when McMahon can not rely on the Rock, Austin, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker to boost ratings and pay-per-view buyrates.
It's time for the Cody Rhodes', Dolph Ziggler's, Kofi Kingston's and the rest of the young WWE talent to seize the opportunities and run with them.
Now is the time for the new generation to etch their mark in WWE lore.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why Wrestlemania 28 will truly be an 'end of an era'

Ever since Triple H accepted Undertaker's challenge for a third go-around match at Wrestlemania 28 in Hell in a Cell, I have been deciphering what it truly means when they say the match will be "an end of an era."
I thought it would mean that one of their careers come Sunday ends.
Triple H is 42 years old and Undertaker is closing in on 50. Both future hall of famers wrestle on a "special attraction" basis.
Wear and tear on the body has weighed on both over the years, and with WWE going in a youth movement of pushing future superstars, they have practically stepped aside and have given younger wrestlers an opportunity in the spotlight.
While I thought the "end of an era" meant one or the other's career would end, I think this match being the finale means that they will finally pass the torch to WWE's future stars.
Taker' and Triple H are not lying when they say they are the last two remaining from their era.
Both have a combined 20 world championships between them and were the top stars from an era that brought more eyballs to wrestling than at any other time.
Wrestlemania 28 will be the passing of the torch from Taker, Triple H, and even, Shawn Michaels to a whole crop of new talent who are ready to seize the spotlight for Wrestlemania's to come.
Hopefully 10-15 years from now, we see two wrestlers will put an exclamation point to another great era.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why Daniel Bryan is wrestling's best heel?

Scum, lowlife, weasel are definitions of a heel aka villain in wrestling. There are no redeemable qualities about them whatsoever. As Jesse "The Body" Ventura once said "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat."
One wrestler has taken on that premise since winning the World Heavyweight Championship in December.
And he happens to be a vegan.
Daniel Bryan slowly developed a heel persona after cashing in his Money In The Bank case to defeat Big Show for wrestling's gold prize at the WWE TLC ppv, shortly after Show defeated Mark Henry for the belt.
Bryan got the big head, thought he was the big star who was invincible, and developed a cocky attitude that coincided with his reign as champion.
Whether it was in matches against Show, Henry, or Randy Orton, Bryan was able to weasel his way to a win, usually by disqualification or countout.
Besides winning matches through nefarious means, Bryan would belittle his girlfriend AJ.
On a recent episode of Smackdown, Bryan told AJ to "shut up" while she spoke in mid-sentence and told her the next week that a dress she tried on looked better on the mannequin than her.
Bryan has never shied from using his girlfriend as a shield, as evidence on a January Smackdown where Big Show ran over AJ outside the ring, as the giant was in pursuit of Bryan during their match.
Bryan didn't blame himself for having his 100-pound girlfriend at ringside, and instead, blamed Show for his carelessness.
In a heel's world, they can do no wrong.
With his conniving ways of winning matches, belittlement of his girlfriend, and the way he espouses his vegan lifestyle, Bryan is playing the perfect heel.
He's someone fans want to see "get his", and if Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick onto Bryan's face at Wrestlemania to win the World Heavyweight Championship, 80,000 fans will pop in Miami after the 123 is counted for.
And when fans want to see someone get their comeuppance, then they are playing the part as a wrestling villain to a tee.