Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WWE Raw: Truth is technical difficulties suck

I have to admit that I have been a big R-Truth fan since he turned heel about a month ago. His mic work has been awesome, and his crazy delusional character has been the best part of WWE programming in awhile.

So imagine how happy I was that Raw Monday night opened with R-Truth standing amongst the WWE Universe in attendance at a souvenier stand.

Problem was that the audio was not audible for a whole 15 minutes and all you could see was Truth going bezerk and throwing merchandise that included t-shirts, programs, and even souvenier cups that had John Cena images on them. Truth proceeded to make his way to the arena after verbally jousting with a father and his son who wearing Cena merchandise. Cena came to the ring and asked what was wrong with R-Truth, and Truth played the conspiracy card about being held down by Cena and management and not getting a WWE Championship match.

The anonymous Raw GM made the main event Cena/Truth and Truth won by countout after goading Cena into the audience and making it into the ring by the count of 10. After the match Truth went into the audience, took a cup of water from the father from earlier in the show, and embarrassed him in front of his son. That got great heat from the crowd.

I imagine based on Truth's countout victory over Cena that the main event at Capitol Punishment will be Cena vs Truth for the WWE Championship. I would personally wait and continue to build Truth as a threat and have Cena/Truth at Summerslam and instead have Cena vs CM Punk at Capitol Punishment. It would be more money if Truth was built more as a threat, but hey I don't book for WWE.

Other thoughts on Monday's show:

Punk and Rey Mysterio had an great match that concluded with Punk avoiding a hurricarana with a kick to the back of Mysterio's head. Based on the victory Punk would be credibe right now to challenge Cena for the championship if they could build him up more these next few weeks leading up to the ppv.

In a follow-up from her breakdown last week, Kharma annoucned to the crowd that she was pregnant and would be gone for one year. She said she had two dreams. To be a WWE Superstar, and like most girls and women dream, to be a mother. The Bellas came down and made derogative fat jokes towards her. After Kharma proceeded to scare them, she announced that if they are there one year from now, she would come after them. I liked that WWE built a ready made feud for her upon her return, but did not like that they kinda destroyed the mystique she had of not talking and kicking butt. She came off too big (no pun intended) a sympathetic figure, but we will see how it plays out.

Alex Riley showed fire in his interview with Michael Cole. Cole was back to his usual heel self and was trying to make Riley apologize to Miz for being ungrateful. Riley was ready to beat Cole up when Miz came from behind and ambushed him. Riley made a comeback but Miz ran away. I thought Riley had star qualities about him, but we will see how he steps his game up in a feud with Miz.

The Evan Bourne-Jack Swagger match was good, but Swagger losing was a bad idea. I think he has potential as a bad monster heel if WWE can go all the way with him.

The Kofi Kingston-Dolph Ziggler match was good, but I felt i've seen this feud too many times already when they both were on Smackdown.

Alberto Del Rio cut a great heel promo saying that the Big Show getting run over last week was an accident, and Del Rio had a funny line when he said that he would bill Show the damages to his car.

I guess i'm not the only one who think those Obama satire interviews promoting Capitol Punishment are lame.

Can they please give Zack Ryder a push already?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Remembering Macho Man Randy Savage


It is a catch phrase that will be engraved into wrestling laurels for generations.

When I heard that Macho Man Randy Savage died yesterday in a car accident I was devastated. I know some people reading this will ask why I am sad over a wrestler's death.

Well i'll tell you that Savage was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up.

When I first started watching wrestling Savage, along with Hulk Hogan, captured my imagination and made me fall in love with a genre that I still love to this day.

My favorite Randy Savage memory wasn't his classic Wrestlemania 3 Intercontinental Title Match with Ricky Steamboat as it is most people's favorite. However, it was his feud with Jake The Snake Roberts that was my most memorable.

On an episode of WWF Superstars Savage came to the rescue of an enhancement wrestler that Roberts beat. Roberts was about to put his snake Damien on him until Savage had enough and came to his aid.

Savage turned his back for a moment to attend to the wrestler for Roberts to blindside him. He proceeded to tie Savage to the ropes and, which is one of the most famous moments in WWE history, sicced Damien onto Savage's arm and proceeded to bite his flesh.

It turned out to be one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history as Savage was reinstated back to wrestling after losing a retirement match to Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 7.

I was actually in attendance when they battled at Tuesday in Texas in 1991. That was the event where Roberts infamously hit Savage's wife at the time Elizabeth.

I have met many wrestlers in my lifetime, but sometimes I forget that I met Savage back in 1994 when he was part of WCW at the old Kids Fair event they used to have at the Alamodone. The reason I forget is because I always thought of him as a WWE guy, and I have met more wrestlers who were in WWE than WCW.

At the time San Antonio was a WWE town and we never got WCW events.

I remember asking him when was WCW coming to town, and in that famous gravely voice, he said "I don't know man you're gonna have to ask my agent." At least that's what I remember he told me.

Thinking about it today I am honored and priviliged that I met one of my favorites back when I was a kid.

It is more sad that myself and other fans will never get the opportunity to see Savage accept his WWE Hall of Fame induction while alive.

I believe he will be inducted into the hall posthumously next year at Wrestlemania 28.

Savage joins a long list of other legends that were childhood favorites of mine that have passed way before their time.

Savage, real name Randy Poffo, is survived by his wife Lynn and was only 58 years old. My condolonces and prayers are with his family.

He definitely was the cream of the crop. OHHH YEAAAHHHH.

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage