Monday, February 11, 2013

The Whole F'n Schmo ep. 4- Interview with ECW icon Tommy Dreamer

Extreme Championship Wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer has been slammed through tables, even flaming tables. He's been sliced open with a cheese grater, singapored caned where the sun don't shine and has received countless injuries throughout his career.

Known as the "Innovator of Violence," Dreamer can dish pain as good as he can receive it. Feb. 9 at the National Wrestling Alliance-Branded Outlaw Wrestling's Extreme Anniversary at Woodlawn Gym was just another day at the office for Dreamer.

The ECW icon went to war with NWA-BOW Heavyweight Champion Jax Dane. Chairs, singapore canes, and trash cans were aplenty during their epic battle.

As good as Dreamer brought the fight, Dane brought it better. On that night, "The Vanilla Godzilla" spinebustered Dreamer through a trash can to retain his title.

In defeat, the fans still chanted Dreamer's name and let him know how much his efforts were appreciated. After his epic war, Dreamer was gracious to give me an interview, even though he was feeling the aftereffects of his encounter with Dane.

The Innovator of Violence talks about his beginnings in ECW, turning down a contract from WCW, his appearances in both WWE and TNA these past few months, and what he has been up to lately. The dude even had the audacity to take over my show.

Following the success of Dreamer's appearance, NWA-BOW keeps rolling with a new show March 16 at Woodlawn Gym. The NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tokyo Monster Mahagas defends the world title at BOW for the first time. Also see Dane, The NWA World Tag Team Champions Kingz of the Underground, NWA/BOW Cruiserweight Champion Rudy Russo, and many more. Follow Branded Outlaw Wresting on Facebook and go to for details.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Whole F'n Schmo ep. 3- Interview with Steve McEnroe

Two things River City Wrestling star Steve McEnroe and tennis legend John McEnroe share are their last names and love to play to tennis. But the difference between them is John doesn't take beatings inside a wrestling ring from opponents bigger than him and going back for more. Steve is an RCW superstar on the rise, having earned the adulation of fans because of his resiliency to never give up and his athleticism and charisma. In January, McEnroe was beaten half to death by his adversary, RCW Champion "The Largeador" Michael Faith. With the fans chanting "McEnroe, McEnroe;" the man known as "Mac Attack" exacted some revenge, beating Faith in a non-title match at RCW's "It's Time 5." I had the opportunity to get to know "Mac Attack" a bit and talk about his upstart wrestling career and his goals in RCW and elsewhere.

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