Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raw: Hot-show on the way to Hot-lanta

WWE couldn't have done a better job promoting Wrestlemania than it did with it's go-home edition of Raw. The WWE Universe finally got to witness the long-awaited confrontation between John Cena and The Rock (along with The Miz) and a three-way money promo between The Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. Everybody is talking about the latter promo being the highlight of the show, but I will be in the minority and say that the highlight was the Cena-Rock confrontation for a couple of reasons. One because it was the first time these two greats have been in the ring face to face, therefore, making it historic and epic, and the other because you could sense legitimate tension between the two. Cena came out and wanted to know why the Rock why he left WWE in the first place before saying it was great he was back because he lived for moments like this. Cena figured the reason Rock always had a problem with him because of philosophy: Rock is the cool guy on campus and Cena is the role model for children. He told the Rock he would never change his style for anyone and excepted that there would always be detractors and followers. As the two megastars were about to come to blows finally, The Miz and Alex Riley interrupted and a 2-on-1 brawl broke out between Miz/Riley and the Rock. "The Great One" delivered his signature People's Elbow onto Miz and Cena came back to the ring and delivered an Attitude Adjustment to the Rock. I would have preferred if the actual contact between Rock, Cena, and Miz took place at Wrestlemania because people who were on the fence on ordering the pay-per-view would have been more enticed to see the inevitable showdown. We will see how it all plays out on Sunday. Other thoughts on Monday's show. The promo between HHH, Taker, and Michaels was a money program, and was classic wrestling 101 on how to sell an angle, pay-per-view, etc. Taker and HHH were staring eachother down to sell their match at Mania' when Michaels came down to make things interesting. Michaels proceeded to ask "The Game" what makes him think he could do what he couldn't do the past two years. HHH told Michaels that he simply got soft and being "Mr Wrestlemania" was more important thang winning. Taker said that Michaels doesn't walk around with the same arrogance that he used to and will go into the WWE Hall of Fame with regrets. Michaels was about to deliver Sweet Chin Music to Taker, but he caught his foot and was about to chokeslam him when HHH pulled the two of em apart and stared down Taker one more time. HHH asked HBK to tell Taker why he will the streak at Wrestlemania, but there was silence. Michaels left the ring and told HHH "sorry...you can't win." The once confident "Game" now didn't look so confident about ending the streak, and I liked Taker's smile and tipping of the hat to solidify that the momentum is on his side. A match that had, in my opinion, a so-so build-up now had my interest and am looking forward to seeing what, if any, involvement Michaels has in their match on Sunday. CM Punk delivered another brilliant promo on Randy Orton to sell their match on Sunday. He reiterated that he's all about himself and doesn't care about his followers in the New Nexus or the people in his hometown of Chicago who were in attendance on Monday night. Orton came down and got the better of Punk and was poised to deliver a punt to the head before his injured ankle gave out on him. Punk being the opportunist that he is capitalized and gave the "Viper" the Go To Sleep. I have always said that Punk reminds me of Jake "The Snake" Roberts when it comes to being a dark, sadistic heel and cutting good promos. The Daniel Bryan/John Morrison vs Sheamus/Dolph Ziggler tag team match was good while it lasted and pushed each competitor's respective Wrestlemania matches. I thought Vickie Guerrero doing Morrison's slow-mo entrance was kinda funny. The Trish Stratus/Snookie and Lay-Cool brawl was what it was to hype up their match on Sunday. Was it me or did Snooki look plastered through the whole segment? Jerry Lawler showed his vicious side against Jack Swagger after being humiliated by Swagger and Michael Cole over the past few weeks. Lawler went after Cole after destroying Swagger with a steel chair only for Cole to retreat to the Cole Mine. Lawler/Cole is the match other than the WWE Championship that i'm most looking forward to. People want to see him get destroyed, and I hope after Mania, he gets moved into a manager's role as he is the kinda personality that can get heat on whoever he is associated with. Kane doing the trombone dance with Santino Marella, Vladamir Kozlov, and Big Show was funny. Kane is back to being a loveable monster only a couple of months after being world champion and beating Undertaker on three straight pay-per-views. Talk about a lunge from the top to the bottom!! It was announced that Kane, Show, Marella, and Kozlov would face the Corre at Wrestlemania. That should be a decent filler match. Big ups to the WWE for finally putting the Road Warriors into the WWE Hall of Fame. To say it's overdue is a a big understatement. They were the greatest tag team of all time, and it will be great to see them get their due, along with their manager Paul Ellering, during Wrestlemania weekend.

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