Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why Daniel Bryan is wrestling's best heel?

Scum, lowlife, weasel are definitions of a heel aka villain in wrestling. There are no redeemable qualities about them whatsoever. As Jesse "The Body" Ventura once said "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat."
One wrestler has taken on that premise since winning the World Heavyweight Championship in December.
And he happens to be a vegan.
Daniel Bryan slowly developed a heel persona after cashing in his Money In The Bank case to defeat Big Show for wrestling's gold prize at the WWE TLC ppv, shortly after Show defeated Mark Henry for the belt.
Bryan got the big head, thought he was the big star who was invincible, and developed a cocky attitude that coincided with his reign as champion.
Whether it was in matches against Show, Henry, or Randy Orton, Bryan was able to weasel his way to a win, usually by disqualification or countout.
Besides winning matches through nefarious means, Bryan would belittle his girlfriend AJ.
On a recent episode of Smackdown, Bryan told AJ to "shut up" while she spoke in mid-sentence and told her the next week that a dress she tried on looked better on the mannequin than her.
Bryan has never shied from using his girlfriend as a shield, as evidence on a January Smackdown where Big Show ran over AJ outside the ring, as the giant was in pursuit of Bryan during their match.
Bryan didn't blame himself for having his 100-pound girlfriend at ringside, and instead, blamed Show for his carelessness.
In a heel's world, they can do no wrong.
With his conniving ways of winning matches, belittlement of his girlfriend, and the way he espouses his vegan lifestyle, Bryan is playing the perfect heel.
He's someone fans want to see "get his", and if Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick onto Bryan's face at Wrestlemania to win the World Heavyweight Championship, 80,000 fans will pop in Miami after the 123 is counted for.
And when fans want to see someone get their comeuppance, then they are playing the part as a wrestling villain to a tee.

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