Tuesday, April 3, 2012

John Cena must go away... for a little while

Wrestlemania 28 is in the books and the ending of Raw last night changed the landscape of WWE going forward.

For storyline purposes, this past weekend has been one John Cena would not want to relive when thinking about his career accomplishments.

The Cenation leader lost the "Once in a Lifetime" match to the Rock, and the next night, Brock Lesnar made his shocking return after an eight-year hiatus and delivered an emphatic F-5 to Cena.

The fans in Miami, who were extremely active the whole night, went insane when Lesnar's music hit and welcomed him back with open arms after he left and "took his ball home."

And to see him come back at the expense of someone who some say has been shoved down the throats of wrestling fans for the past six years was the amazing cap to his return.

It looks as if WWE is looking to build to Cena vs. Lesnar at Summerslam or even Wrestlemania 29 next year.
The story kind of writes itself.

Lesnar is looking to reclaim his position at the top of the company, and he's going to do so against WWE's current top guy and a man who never beat Lesnar when he was active in the company.

Cena's first main event pay-per-view WWE title match was nine years ago at Backlash 2003.
His opponent was Lesnar.

How they build to that match is anyone's guess, but now is the time for Cena to leave for a little while, recharge his batteries, and come back with a new attitude.

I would have him not show up on WWE television until the summer to start building to Summerslam. After defeating every foe that has come his way and doing his best to build a match that was a year in the making, Cena was humbled by Rock and humiliated by Lesnar.

He would examine what he did wrong and how he can come back to conquer the two foes that he wasn't able to conquer. He would come back around July and confront Lesnar and challenge him to a match at Summerslam.

I would have Lesnar beat him at the pay-per-view, and Cena would do what he planned on doing last night with the Rock by congratulating Lesnar on the win.

Only he would say that he might've beaten him this time, but he's found the formula to beat him and when the time is right they shall battle again. They go on to a collision course to Survivor Series where this time Cena gets the win with an STF.

Tie in the Lesnar story with the Rock, and have Rock come back to win the Royal Rumble and Cena wins the championship at the Rumble as well.

He loses the championship to Lesnar at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, and Rock makes an appearance and chooses Lesnar has his championship opponent.

The twist would be Cena wants his rematch for the title at Wrestlemania and we are on a collision course to a triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29 between the three biggest stars in pro wrestling.

Cena would regain the WWE Championship by defeating the Rock with an Attitude Adjustment, and therefore, Cena will get his win back over the two wrestlers he hadn't beat.

For the fans, WWE and Cena's sake, he needs to go away for a little while to let these stories sink in and build.

Maybe the fans will embrace him if he comes back with a new attitude.

Like the saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

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  1. i kind of agree with u but i think that cena is going to lose to lesnar at extreme rules and get beaten up so bad that cena is off for a few months then while cena is gone lesnar will win the wwe title from punk and punk will lose his rematch then cena will return and beat lesnar for the wwe title and face the rock for the wwe title at wrestlemania 29 then cena will retain and beat rock so cena will have beaten both lesnar and rock and cena will go on to be 17 time world champ and retire the best wrestler of all time and go in the wwe hall of fame