Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Whole F'n Schmo ep. 3- Interview with Steve McEnroe

Two things River City Wrestling star Steve McEnroe and tennis legend John McEnroe share are their last names and love to play to tennis. But the difference between them is John doesn't take beatings inside a wrestling ring from opponents bigger than him and going back for more. Steve is an RCW superstar on the rise, having earned the adulation of fans because of his resiliency to never give up and his athleticism and charisma. In January, McEnroe was beaten half to death by his adversary, RCW Champion "The Largeador" Michael Faith. With the fans chanting "McEnroe, McEnroe;" the man known as "Mac Attack" exacted some revenge, beating Faith in a non-title match at RCW's "It's Time 5." I had the opportunity to get to know "Mac Attack" a bit and talk about his upstart wrestling career and his goals in RCW and elsewhere.

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