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TNA star looks to bring Jersey flavor to San Antonio

TNA Star Robbie E
Total Nonstop Action wrestling star Robbie E has no qualms talking about himself. The
Robbie E you see on Spike TV every Thursday hamming out vocabulary such as "bro"
and "hamster" is who he really is in real life. Affliction style T-shirts and a Pauly D-like
hairstyle are what you see if you run into him on the streets.

"I'm from Jersey. I go to the beach, club, and tan. The gym is my life. The clothes you
see me wear are the clothes you will see me wear when I go out to dinner and when go to
the airport."

E's brazen ego allows him to claim he is the "greatest wrestler there is" when the
promotion casts luminary superstars such as, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff
Hardy, "The Icon" Sting, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan. Having won the TNA X-Division and Television Championships in his 2 1-2 year stint in
the company, the arrogant wrestler from Seaside Heights, N.J. is not finished trying to
back up his ego.

He wants to be TNA's third Grand Slam champion, joining AJ Styles
and Samoa Joe on that exclusive list.

"I'm only 29 years old so the sky is the limit. The TNA World Heavyweight
Championship and Tag Team titles are in my future. I have only just begun."

Winning the Grand Slam would further elevate the company in his own eyes.

"I mean look at me. Who wouldn't want me as the face of their company?" E said.

E has the opportunity to continue cementing his name when he and the TNA stars invade
San Antonio March 10 for the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view at the Alamodome.

The annual event will host three steel cage matches main evented by TNA World Champion
Hardy defending his title against Bully Ray. The other steel cage matches include Team
TNA, captained by Sting, versus Team Aces & Eights, led by TNA Television Champion
Devon and Kurt Angle versus Wes Brisco of A & E.

"There's going to be crazy hardcore stuff going on this year. Who knows what Kurt
Angle is going to do this year? Impact Wrestling is an experience like no other. Every
match will be action packed and you get to see the hot Knockouts, and most importantly,
you get to see Robbie E," he said.

E looks forward to the Hardy-Ray matchup the most. Hardy and Ray are no strangers to
each other, having competed in classic tag team matches as part of the Hardy Boyz versus
Dudley Boyz rivalry in World Wrestling Entertainment.

"I feel Bully Ray has something up his sleeve. They have history unlike no other so to see
them lock horns inside a steel cage is huge," E said.

Fans also have the opportunity to meet the stars at its TNA Fan Interaction event at the
Crown Plaza Hotel Downtown March 9.

Before E was wrestling in front of thousands of fans for TNA, he was plying his trade in
independent promotions around the Northeast after being trained by Extreme
Championship Wrestling star and current TNA agent Simon Diamond.  The independents
are shows where wrestlers prepare for the national spotlight by peforming in front of
small crowds in small arenas.

He received a tryout match with TNA Wrestling in July 2010 after wrestling for 10 years.
The company offered him a deal shortly after the tryout.

"(Being in a national promotion) is what every wrestler wants. The travel, having
wrestling be your only job, and getting fame when you are on television and getting
recognized when you are out in public was awesome the first day it happened and it is
just as awesome now," E said.

The brash wrestler was always confident he would earn a spot in a national promotion.

"I was never going to stop trying (to make it to a higher level). Some wrestlers give up
after a few years, but I said I would keep going until something happens," E said.

His hard work was not only rewarded with a TNA contract and titles but also the
opportunity to work with reality television stars. E has faced off with Jersey Shore's Angelina and JWoww on the TNA Impact Wrestling show. He even stepped into the ring against Ronnie from the hit MTV show.

"He was a hampster bro. He was half my size. He was a midget," E claimed.

E might have to put another "hampster" in his place at Lockdown.

He and his bouncer Big Robbie T aka Rob Terry have had miscommunication issues
stemming from Terry attempting to outshine him in a recent dance competition called
The Bro Off.

Their issues could culminate in a match March 10 at the Alamodome.

"He has been trying to out bro me and he don't know me because I am the No. 1 bro. He
has to realize that. I have had to put him in his place by smacking him around a little bit.
He knows the deal. I pay him to be my bouncer. The spotlight is on Robbie E not Robbie
T," E said.

You can purchase tickets for TNA Lockdown through or at
the Alamodome box office. You can catch Impact Wrestling on Spike TV every
Thursday at 8 ET/7 CT.

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