Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WWE needs to cut Sin Cara loose

Sin Cara (Courtesy Photo)
It's just not working out and I don't think it ever will. I am talking about the failed experiment that is Sin Cara wrestling under the World Wrestling Entertainment umbrella.

Monday night on Raw, Cara broke his finger about a minute into his match with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. The finger injury is the latest in a string of injuries and guffaws the Mexican luchador has endured during his two year WWE tenure.

Cara, formerly known as Mistico, arrived in the company to much fanfare in 2011 after establishing himself as arguably Mexico's biggest wrestling superstar. The bar was set high for him to live up to the hype that was precedent in Mexico.

He originally wowed fans with his unique aerial offense, but under the orange lights that he would wrestle under, were countless botched spots against opponents, whom he couldn't develop chemistry with, or they couldn't adjust to working with a guy of his unique style.

Cara was hit with a Wellness Policy violation three months after his debut, causing him to be suspended for 30 days. Knee injuries and concussions the past couple of years have derailed his run in WWE.

WWE has to face the music that their working agreement with Cara isn't, well, working. His ailments have caused WWE to alter its plans for him. At one point, it was rumored that he would be facing Antonio Cesaro for the Wrestlemania 29, but again, Cara's injuries halted those plans.

I realize the company pegged him to be the guy to replace Rey Mysterio as the top hispanic babyface in the company. While I understand Cara's appeal to children with his colorful masks and exciting lucha style, his inconsistency in staying healthy shows that WWE needs to cut its losses before he comes back and hurts himself again.

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