Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raw: Cena-Rock set for...one year from now

Anticipation was built throughout Raw Monday night for the showdown between The Rock and John Cena. There was a sense throughout the show that something MAJOR was going to go down.

Major and unprecedented to boot is how I would categorize their confrontation. John Cena challenged Rock to a match, but "The Great One" said that a match of this magnitude could only happen on "the grandest stage of them all." It can only happen at Wrestlemania 28.

A main event set for Wrestlemania set one year ahead is awesome, and a dream match of Cena-Rock deserves all the build-up, but the challenge WWE has will be how they can keep the buzz on this match for a whole year without fans getting nauseous.

It will be interesting what involvement both these charasmatic superstars have with eachother going forward til April 1, 2012.

Other thoughts on the show:

Triple H cut a great promo about his epic match with Undertaker on Sunday. He said that he hit Taker harder than he has hit anybody in his life, but Taker found a way to prevail in the end. "The Game" didn't believe that it was Taker's last match, and said that when he comes back, he will be waiting for him. Like Cena-Rock for Mania 28, the seeds were planted for a rematch for next year's Wrestlemania.

The debut of Sin Cara was not bad, as the masked luchador gave us a glimpse of what the WWE Universe has to look forward to. He came to the aid of Daniel Bryan after Bryan lost his match to Sheamus. He proceeded to hurricarana Sheamus over the top rope and then did a high body splash onto the U.S. Champ. It seems Cara is getting pushed right out of the gate with a U.S. Title program against Sheamus. It will be interesting to see how their two styles mesh.

I was befuddled by Sheamus' red, white, and blue gear eventhough he is Irish, but I guess it's just to play up he's the champion of the United States.

The Randy Orton/Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk/Cody Rhodes tag team match was a good 20 minute bout. I'm glad that the Orton/Punk feud will be continue.

Alberto Del Rio and Evan Bourne had a nice five minute matchup that was designed to get Del Rio back on track after losing his championship match against Edge at Mania. I'm curious to see how he goes forward.

It was awesome WWE teased Jim Ross being back in the announce booth full-time. After Jerry Lawler's match with Jack Swagger, Cole threw BBQ sauce onto JR and JR chased him up the ramp, albeit in slow motion. Cole's voice was heard after Raw came back from commercial, and I could imagine the angry venom fans felt realizing JR was not back after all. I have a feeling a tag team match will be set up at Extreme Rules between Jerry Lawler/Jim Ross vs Michael Cole/Jack Swagger.

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