Thursday, September 6, 2012

An alliance that could lead to CM Punk... turning back babyface?

The biggest story coming out of Monday Night Raw, surprisingly, didn't crash the World Wide Web like I thought it would.

During the John Cena-Alberto Del Rio Falls Count Anywhere match, CM Punk returned after saying he was taking a personal leave earlier in the night and costed Cena the match by driving him head first onto the hood of his town car.

As Raw was about to fade to black, Paul Heyman stuck his head out of the window and revealed himself to be Punk's driver.

With the reveal of a Punk-Heyman alliance, I was surprised servers around the country crashed after tweeting and chatting about the possibilities the internet wrestling community's two favorite wrestling darling could create.

It is speculated that the Punk-Heyman alliance could lead to a faction of well-known independent wrestlers like Claudio Castognoli, who is WWE U.S Champion Antonio Cesaro, Chris Hero aka Kassius Ohno in WWE developmental, and Tyler Black, who currently reigns as NXT Champion while going by the name Seth Rollins.

While it would be a cool idea to witness a Punk-led group of wrestlers dominate the landscape, my crystal ball says that plan is not in the works.

If I were writing WWE television, this is how I would book the Punk-Heyman alliance to lead back to Punk turning back babyface come Wrestlemania 29.

I would have Punk challenge to Cena to waive any right to a WWE Championship rematch if Punk returns at Night of Champions next Sunday.

Punk retains the title under nefarious means in Cena's hometown of Boston.

Cena would not accept how Punk won so he would try to goad Punk into giving him another rematch.

A week later, while Cena again tries to get Punk to give him his rematch, Heyman comes out on behalf of Punk and tells Cena that Punk will give him his rematch on one condition: he has to beat an opponent of his choosing at the next pay-per-view who happens to be another Heyman client, Brock Lesnar.

Cena and Lesnar would collide in a rematch from their epic match at Extreme Rules at the October pay-per-view.

Towards the end of the match, with Cena making another improbable comeback to overcome Lesnar, Punk interferes and costs Cena his one last opportunity to get a rematch for the company's prestigious prize. The pay-per-view ends with Cena and Lesnar standing over Cena with Heyman looking on.

After two weeks of brutal beatdowns from the WWE's newest dominant force, Cena calls on the one guy who can help him out against his biggest foes at Survivor Series: the Rock.

I would have Punk pin the Rock at Survivor Series to set up their eventual showdown at the Royal Rumble.

Rock would go on to beat Punk at the Rumble, ending Punk's 14 month reign as WWE Champion.

Punk would enter the Royal Rumble match later on the night, realizing an opportunity to get back wrestling's greatest prize.

With a final four of Cena, Punk, Lesnar, and Randy Orton, I would have Lesnar eliminate Punk on purpose, setting off Punk on why his ally would rob him of a chance of the WWE title.

In the WWE Championship match At Elimination Chamber, Punk and Lesnar's problems come to ahead as Lesnar eliminates Punk once again from trying to reclaim his WWE Championship. Punk gets furious and hits Lesnar with a steel chair, allowing the Rock to retain his title.

The disintegration leads to a Wrestlemania showdown between Punk and Lesnar, with Punk going in as the babyface fed up with Lesnar screwing him over reclaiming the WWE Championship.

This is not necessarily how it will go down come Wrestlemania 29, but only one can hope the new storyline with Punk and Heyman can be best in the world.

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