Monday, August 20, 2012

WWE Summerslam: The Perfect Storm produced scattered showers

As the summer's hottest pay-per-view, WWE Summerslam provided very little sizzle to the paying customers last night.

While there wasn't a bad match on the card, most of the matches ranged from decent to good effort. In other words, save the $50 for the replay, and I wouldn't necessarily recommend the DVD, but I would suggest borrowing it from a friend.

Here's my thoughts on each match:

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: Both combatants put on a subpar match that wasn't on the level of the brutality of John Cena-Lesnar at Extreme Rules in April. The four-month rivalry culminated in with a subpar match that saw both wrestlers grapple, punch, and kick. The match lacked intensity for what was supposed to be a personal grudge match. The right guy won, as Lesnar needed the win after losing to Cena a month after returning from an eight-year hiatus to pursue football and mixed martial arts. Lesnar made Triple H tap out to the Kimura, breaking his arm in the process. After fans seranaded Triple H with "You Tapped Out" chants, "The Game" told the fans he was sorry and indicated he was retiring. We shall see tonight on Raw which direction both men go.

WWE Championship Triple Threat match-CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show- The match was restarted by Raw General Manager AJ Lee after both Cena and Punk made Big Show tap out to their respective submission moves. Cena gave Big Show the Attitude Adjustment only for Punk throw Cena out of the ring to pin a fallen Show to retain the WWE title. The match was fine save for the predictable restart by Lee. With no logical challengers in place, I see Punk vs. Cena at Night of Champions in a few weeks, but Punk will probably retain to prolong his reign for an eventual showdown with the Rock at Royal Rumble.

World Heavyweight Championship-Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio- Nothing that we haven't see from these two, but both put on a decent match. The finish came when the referee attempted to eject Del Rio's ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, out of the ring, only for him to overthrow his shoe to Sheamus to knock Del Rio out. Sheamus connected with the Irish Curse and defeated Del Rio, who had his foot on the rope before Sheamus knocked it off in time, for the second straight pay-per-view. There feud will continue, but I think it will end on Smackdown so Sheamus can possibly move on to a new challenger, and i'm guessing it will be Brock Lesnar.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane- Bryan going over Kane via schoolboy roll up was the right call, as Bryan is picking up steam as a heel, and Kane winning doesn't do anything for him. Kane attempted to chase Bryan backstage, but ran into Josh Matthews who attempted to interview him. Matthews efforts were rewarded with serious whiplash, as Kane threw the small announcer like a rag doll.

WWE Tag Team Championship- Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. The Primetime Players- Kofi and Truth retained their titles, but if there was going to be a title change last night, the tag belts should have changed hands. I see money in the Primetime Players as a top act, even after their manager AW was fired last week. I think the Players are being punished for their departed manager's inappropriate joke about Kobe Bryant's rape case last month. Hopefully WWE sees the Players being money players, no pun intended of course, in the near future and gives them the tag belts.

WWE Intercontinental Championship- Miz vs. Rey Mysterio- Miz retained his title after delivering Skull Crushing Finale to Mysterio in a tightly contested matchup. I get a feeling that Mysterio is going to get pushed down the card and be used to elevate younger talent while Miz will defend the Intercontinental Title against a plethora of challengers to enhance the once-prestigious champioship, held by greats such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and the Mountie. Ok the Mountie wasn't great so sue me.

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler- I didn't see this match, as we originally went to Buffalo Wild Wings only to find out they are no longer showing WWE pay-per-views. Me and my friends decided to hit to Fatso's, and the match finished before we got there. Anyway, I think Ziggler should have gone over as Jericho is expected to finish with WWE tonight on Raw to tour with his band Fozzy. Jericho could have told the crowd after defeat that he needed to re-evaluate his goals and see if wrestling was still in him after losing to Ziggler. In the process, it would have made Ziggler a bigger star for deflating one of wrestling and WWE's greatest superstars. I expect Ziggler to do something tonight to get his heat back, and when Jericho comes back, I expect their feud to pick up steam.

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