Thursday, August 16, 2012

My prediction for Lesnar-HHH: The Perfect Storm

The Brock Lesnar-Triple H bout at Summerslam Sunday won't be your good ol' fashion wrestling match.

It will be a match for the ages and will feature a culture clash of sorts.

It will be the 13-time world champion and a man who represents one of the greatest eras in WWE history, the Attitude Era, in Triple H vs. a wrecking machine who has won championships in the NCAA, the WWE, and the UFC- Brock Lesnar.

These two workhorses are sure to put on a match for the ages, and i've loved the feud that's been brewing since Lesnar broke HHH's arm the night after the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

This is how I see the four-month feud culminating Sunday in Los Angeles.

Lesnar dominates HHH for the first half of the match in the same manner he manhandled John Cena in his return match since leaving WWE eight years ago.

HHH makes the proverbial comeback, and the sledgehammer comes into play. As Triple uses his might to utilize it, Lesnar stops him and punishes him with more brutality until Shawn Michaels makes a surprise return after Lesnar broke his arm on Monday.

When Lesnar has "the Game" in his submission, the Kimura, Michaels stops the match on behalf of his buddy so no further damage is caused.

Lesnar is once again established as a dominant beast after losing to Cena at Extreme Rules and being gone for four months.

Since the WWE Championship picture will be occupied with, more than likely, CM Punk and John Cena until the Rock makes his return at the Royal Rumble, I see Lesnar going after Sheamus' world heavyweight title after Summerslam.

With no credible challengers lined up for Sheamus, I see no bigger challenge to give Sheamus and the world title credibility than WWE's ultimate monster.

The story they can tell is Sheamus has taken out Triple H before, so why doesn't Lesnar try taking out someone who is younger and hungrier to make his mark in WWE history.

While it may not be an ideal matchup like Lensar vs. Punk, Lesnar vs. Randy Orton, or Lesnar vs. the Undertaker, Sheamus and Lesnar have the potential to put on an entertaining feud that could produce a few quality bouts.

My prediction for how Lesnar-Triple H is booked is just that- a prediction, but i'm sure the match will be one that fans will be talking about the day after Summerslam.

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