Monday, August 13, 2012

WWE's Superstars stepping up?

I had the pleasure of going to WWE Raw 1,002 last week at the AT&T Center here in San Antonio, and it was one of the best shows i've been to awhile.

But it's not because I witnessed a "match of the year" candidate or a moment that will stand the test of time in WWE annals.

I had a blast watching some of the WWE Superstars find their groove and get over with the WWE Universe.

For the past couple of year, every time i've gone to see a WWE show with my father, we always discuss whether we enjoy the the show and why or why not.

Every time we've had this discussion, it begins the same way on my dad's part: "It was ok, but the matches were too short, and the wrestlers of today don't have any charisma."

I always want to diss my pop's comments because he really doesn't watch wrestling other than when passing by the living room or when a big star returns like the Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

But i've kinda agreed with him on his comments about the lack of charismatic stars that have entertained us on WWE television.

Ever since the end of the Attitude Era, very few WWE Superstars have stepped up to that main event level to lead WWE into a new era save for John Cena, Randy Orton, and recently, CM Punk.

But as I enjoyed Raw live last Monday, I realized that quite a few talents have stepped up their game recently and are finding their groove.

Daniel Bryan has been getting quite the crowd following ever since winning the World Heavyweight Title in December of last year and then losing it in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania 28 in April.

The Yes chants have had WWE live audiences breath life into live shows be it Raw, Smackdown, and pay-per-views. After Bryan's engagement to AJ went south, Bryan has embraced No chants to distance himself from being cheered by the WWE Universe.

For a guy who wasn't pegged to be a main eventer because of his lack of charisma, Bryan has found his stride thanks to his overzealous character and his ability to have great matches with everyone from Punk to Cena.

Dolph Ziggler has really stepped up his game to another level in his current feud with former Undisputed WWE Champion Chris Jericho. Ziggler has the ring skills and the mic ability to cement himself full time into the main event scene after his feud with Jericho presumably concludes at Summerslam.

Ziggler just needs a few more credible wins after that rivalry is done, and I see him being a guy who can carry WWE into a new era of superstardom.

There are also quite a few who have been given chances for superstardom, but for whatever reason, WWE hasn't put their full investment into them.

Alberto Del Rio, Miz, and oddly, Zack Ryder have been given or found characters that the WWE Universe would love (Ryder) or hate (Del Rio, Miz). Those three superstars are still able to generate favorable or unfavorable crowd reactions despite the company's hesitation to give them sustained pushes. With the right backing, those three are one good push from reaching the upper echelon of superstardom.

Even the Primetime Players, who have been on television for over three months, found their groove under manager AW. With AW's recent firing due to a poorly timed Kobe Bryant joke, I hope the charismatic tag team doesn't get lost in the shuffle as they have the tools to be a terrific pair in the tag division.

One up and comer who has gotten my attention lately and has the tools to be a big time player is Damien Sandow. The self-proclaimed "martyr" of the WWE has elicited jeered responses from the WWE Universe due to his "I'm better and smarter than you" attitude, but he also has an aggressive ring style that could lead him to the next level.

Little by little, piece by piece, the superstars of WWE, present and up and coming, are finding their stride, and the superstars I mentioned could lead to WWE to new heights just like its predecessors did.

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