Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NXT: Last episode?

I didn't have high hopes for season 3 of WWE NXT considering that SyFy wasn't happy with the show and the last episode will air before the debut of Smackdown on the network.

And I have to say that I was right on the money.

This show was atrocious from the beginning when the divas came out to introduce themselves to the WWE Universe and let them know who they were.

The highlight of the night was the dancing competition with the six divas having to show off their moves with Michael Cole, Tony Chimel, and Josh Matthews in that order.

Cole conveniently had a black hat and red leg warmers with Josh Matthews claiming this is the ridiculous thing he'd ever seen.

I have to say the highlight of NXT hasn't been the rookies, the matches or even the competitions. The show has been Michael Cole Show, as he has been the most entertaining thing through its entirety.

And he proved it with his horrid dancing ability with rookies Naomi and Jaime. His dancing was so horrible it was a gold mine to watch.

Out of all the rookies, I believe AJ will win the competition because she has that Mickie James "girl next door" appeal that will set her apart from the other divas, but it was Naomi's night as she won both the dancing competition and the capture the flag race.

She also handled herself well on the mic, and next to AJ, she has to be the most ready to be on the WWE roster.

But this debut show was way below what the past two seasons produced.

With the show ending on SyFy in a couple of weeks, it seems WWE is just going through the motions and seeing what will stick with the audience.

With the way this show came off, I have a feeling that I won't be paying that much attention to NXT this season.

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  1. So is this what wrestlings been reduced too? Since when has "dancing" become such a big thing? I think its ridiculous what's coming about from all this, and for what? For divas to be shown off of something that they probably had no intention to do? If its wrestling it should stay as good ol wrestling instead of some Worthless talent show.