Friday, September 17, 2010

TNA Impact: More questions and no answers

TNA Impact was highlighted by a great rematch from No Surrender between Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy to decide who would face Mr. Anderson for the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory.

I did not see their classic match from the pay per view, but from hearing about it in the reports, there rematch last night wasn't as classic as their bout at No Surrender.

Both competitors battled for over 20 minutes and neither failed to give in to the other that the main event overlapped into the start of TNA Reaction.

Angle had Hardy in a heel lock and Hardy grabbed Angle leg in a lock as well. With both men flat on their backs, Earl Hebner counted Jeff Hardy's shoulders down and his son Brian, who was the original referee for the match but was knocked out earlier, counted Angle's shoulders to the ground.

As conflict and confusion arose, Eric Bischoff came out and confronted TNA President Dixie Carter about the match and then went to the ring and decided, since neither man could put the other away, that the both Hardy and Angle would go to BFG and compete along with Anderson in a three way match for the championship.

Carter looked at Bischoff with disbelief, as she wanted a clear concisive winner between Angle and Hardy. At the beginning of the show, Bischoff originally made the ppv main event a three way only for Carter to override his decision.

Unless Carter pulls a last minute pitch to bring Paul Heyman in, it will be revealed that Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Jeff Jarret are Abyss' "They" at BFG, and Sting and Kevin Nash will be revealed as the true good guys in exposing that the aforementioned three are working together to bring Carter down.

Other thoughts on Thursday's show.

Tommy Dreamer came out and called Fourtune to the ring to call a truce. He put every single member over like a million dollars and told AJ Styles that he was the better man and did something that no one made him do: say I quit.

After being genuinely moved by Dreamer's comments, Styles told him he didn't need compliments and Fourtune put a beat down on Dreamer.

I liked Dreamer putting Fourtune over, but in my opinion, he took away what Fourtune was about.

For example, when he talked about Kazarian, he said that if it weren't for TNA, he wouldn't have met his wife.

Well Fourtune is supposed to be a group resembling the Four Horsemen in that they win championships and get the women. Saying Kazarian is a married man takes a little bit away of what the group is about.

Brian Kendrick saved Tommy Dreamer after the beatdown by sacrificing his body as a shield over Dreamer's. When the group left, he challenged any one of them to a one-on-one match in which "Blueprint" Matt Morgan answered.

Morgan dominated Kendrick all throughout the match only for Kendrick to hit a rapid fire dropkick on him for the lucky victory. It was only a few minutes earlier that Dreamer put over Morgan as the next Undertaker or Kane and fast forward to him getting beat by Kendrick. That's TNA booking for you I guess.

The Abyss stuff in the back was creepy and stupid. After being shown dragging a guy backstage, he had one guy tied to a pole and one guy laid on his back on a flat surface, only to brand him with a flaming branding iron that read "10-10-10".

Samoa Joe and Nash had a decent matchup going on til Sting got involved and riot insued between Nash/Sting and Joe/Jarrett. All four brawled even with security trying to break them up and I liked that the hatred between all four didn't the security get in their way.

It seems that "Pope" D'Angelo Dinero is going heel after he complained to Nash and Sting about what happened in his semi-final match against Anderson at No Surrender. I kind of was leaning towards Pope going heel since it was Anderson who broke his shoulder in May. "Pope" can ask the fans why they are cheering Anderson now after he was the one that injured him months earlier.

Jay Lethal defeated Douglas Williams to regain the X-Division Title in a short but excellent match. I understand that TNA is behind Lethal, but I thought the confetti celebration was a little bit ridiculous considering that the guy has won the belt several times before.

I think I speak for everyone in saying that, eventhough Generation Me tried hard coming off as heels, they came off as 12-year-old punks who think they are bad dudes. Chris Sabin came out to get revenge for his partner Alex Shelley was injured at the hands of Gen-Me at the ppv, only to get beaten down himself. I think an Ultimate X match between the two tag teams for the TNA Tag Team Titles is imminent at BFG.

The Knockouts Tag Team Title match between Hamada-Taylor Wilde and Madison Rayne-Lacey Von Erich was ok only when Von Erich wasn't in there. She has no business being in a wrestling ring right now.

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  1. Generation me is definitely a face team. TNA really doesn't know what to do with them...