Friday, September 24, 2010

TNA Impact: Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss set for Bound For Glory

TNA Impact was an overall solid show that kept storylines steady going towards Bound For Glory.

The show was built around Rob Van Dam returning to challenge Abyss to a match at BFG after he put Van Dam on the shelf over a month ago.

At the beginning of the show, Abyss lost by disqualification to Rob Terry then after Van Dam came out and tried to get revenge only for security to intervene between the two.

The Abyss/Terry match was decent, eventhough Terry as a wrester is not, but I don't get TNA's booking of Abyss. Two weeks ago, he lost to Stevie Richards and now he loses to Terry, who hasn't been on TV in awhile. He is supposed to be built as this indestructible monster who can't be stop, yet he has lost matches in a span of 3 weeks.

I liked Van Dam's promo at Abyss. He came off angry and as someone who wanted revenge and will stop at nothing to get it. It was better than his promo last week where he just came off laid back like what happened to him wasn't no big deal.

Other thoughts on Thursday's show

Abyss gave a beatdown to Jeff Hardy backstage after "The Charismatic Enigma" was conversating Van Dam. He dragged him to the ring, and while Abyss was cutting his promo about his match with Van Dam at BFG, Hardy was laid out unconscious, but it looked more like he was taking a nap while on company time. Unintentionally funny.

The ladder match between AJ Styles and Sabu was good but was marked with all sorts of interference by Fourtune and EV2. I am looking forward to their Lethal Lockdown match at BFG, in which I hope is the blowoff to the feud.

By the way, how can Fourtune be taken seriously as heels when they are backstage getting Ric Flair to chug Smirnoff Ice. And can anybody tell me the significance of chugging it?

Pope continued to tease that he was going heel. He confronted Eric Bischoff about why Hardy and Kurt Angle both get a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship eventhough they didn't win their match. I understand the logic that Pope did lose his semi-final match while Angle and Hardy didn't, but they didn't win either so he has a point.

The Pope-Samoa Joe match was good.

The Angle-Mr. Anderson promo in the ring was good. I liked Anderson playing up his a**hole character by raising Angle's arm and telling himt that it would be the last time is hand is raised. Eventhough it could be Angle's last match, at least Anderson was honest in saying he would do everything he can to win the TNA World Title even if it comes at the expense of Angle's career.

The Chris Sabin-Jeremy Buck match was good for the short time that it was allotted. I like that Buck worked on Sabin's neck throughout the match, and it wasn't your typical X-Division spotfest.

The TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title match between Hamada/Taylor Wilde and Velvet Sky/Lacey Von-Erich was bad because you guessed it: Von-Erich. Why TNA continues to put her in the ring where she can potentially hurt someone because of her inexperience his mind-boggling. But hey I didn't say she wasn't that bad to look at.

Dixie Carter announced that the TNA Impact live special on October 1 titled "Before The Glory" will have a $100,000 battle royal will feature every wrestler that will be competing at Bound For Glory.

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