Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raw: Team Cenation or Team Viper-choose your sides

The main event between John Cena and Randy Orton in a Tables match was a good main event that solidly built toward the six-pack-challenge for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions this Sunday.

The show started off with Cena and Orton standing by the Raw Roulette wheel to determine what type of match they were going to have.

When the wheel landed on a Tables match, Josh Matthews asked Cena if he had any trepidations about being in one because the last time Cena was involved in a Tables match, he lost the WWE Championship to Sheamus.

Throughout the show, the Cena-Orton main event had a big fight feel to it, as the announcers the match throughout the night. It was the first time in a year that both had faced off one one one with the dynamics changed as Orton is now a babyface.

During the main event, the Nexus interfered and tried to take out Cena and Orton, but they fended them off then Edge, Jericho, who was inserted back into the main event for the ppv, and Sheamus interfered as well. All three were thwarted in their attempts.

When it came down to Cena and Orton, Cena was positioned to deliver an Attitude Adjustment to Orton on the table, but Orton countered with an RKO to Cena through the table.

The story here is that Cena has competed in every stipulation match there has been in WWE, but when it comes to Tables matches, he has the worst luck in those.

With Orton winning, he is being positioned as the favorite to win the championship Sunday, but I believe WWE isn't ready to pull the trigger on another Orton run just yet.

Other thoughts on Monday's show.

Jericho was inserted back into the main event at NOC after he defeated The Hart Dynasty in a steel cage handicap match by making Tyson Kidd tap out to the Walls of Jericho.

Early in the match, Kidd and David Hart Smith tried escaping the cage to get out at the same time. Smith got out but Kidd wasn't so lucky.

I didn't understand that logic as they should have beaten up Jericho inside the cage. To be blunt, there motives were pure idiocy.

Before the match, Jericho goaded the mystery GM to insert him back into the match or else he quit. After finally succumbing to his demands, Cole was about to say his usual lines about receiving the e-mail before he was cut off by Jericho and was told to just read the e-mail.

Cole then told him that if he ever interrupted him again, there would be severe repercussions.

The way Cole delivered the message to Jericho came off as if he is the mystery GM. With his performances on Raw and NXT as a psuedo-heel, I believe he would be entertaining in an authority role.

Chad Ochocinco did an adequate job as guest host of Raw. After he greeted the fans in Cincinatti, the Miz came out and berated him for the Bengals not winning a Super Bowl and saying that unlike him, the Bengals will never be champions.

The Miz totally owned that segment and owned Ochocinco.

After their face off, the roulette wheel was spun and it landed on a submission match and "Ocho" chose Miz' NOC opponent Daniel Bryan has his opponent.

I thought the match built well to the ppv on Sunday. I love Miz faking the hernia injury and sending his NXT protege Alex Riley to take his place.

After Bryan made Riley tap out, Miz recovered real fast and attacked Bryan only to be put in the LaBell Lock and tapped out in the process.

The Miz-Bryan match for the United States Championship is the match i'm most looking forward to Sunday.

The singing and dancing contest between R-Truth-Eve and Ted Dibiase-Maryse was hilarious when Dibiase sang his version of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" after Truth debuted and sang his new entrance theme.

All I have to say is finally no more of that What's Up junk anymore. Glad Truth got a new theme.

The Body Slam Challenge between Edge and Evan Bourne was ridiculous. After the Edge slammed Bourne, the mystery GM announced that because of Edge's assault on Bourne after the match, he had to compete against Mark Henry in another Body Slam Challenge. Henry subsequently slammed Edge and won the challenge.

This match nothing to build up Edge as a threat to WWE Championship on Sunday and did nothing for Evan Bourne.

It was only a couple of months ago that Bourne got the main event rub by teaming with John Cena and beating Sheamus and Edge. Now any plans of a Bourne push seem to be put off.

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