Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Raw: The Viper strikes a threat

Last night's edition of Raw was a solid show that further built toward's Night of Champions and the six pack challenge main event for the WWE championship

In the main event, Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett with an RKO after former Nexus member Darren Young returned after being outted from the group two weeks ago to distract Barrett.

Earlier in the evening, Michael Cole announced via a text message from the mystery GM that the winner of the Orton/Barrett match would face John Cena next week on Raw.

Even though we have seen Cena and Orton battle numerous times, the dynamics have changed since their fued from last year with Orton being the super hot babyface on a roll right now and Cena still the number one attraction for the company

After the match, Orton convinced Young to come back into the ring to thank him for the assist only to deliver an RKO instead for the gratification and then simultaneously delivered RKO's to Edge and WWE champion Sheamus to solidify him as the favorite to win the championship at NOC.

The Orton/Barrett match was solid and in defeat Barrett stayed strong and looked good and showed he can hang with the top dogs for years to come.

Tehe Cena/Justin Gabriel match was good as well, as Gabriel also looked strong in defeat as it took an Attitude Adjustment off the second rope to defeat him.

Next to Barrett, Gabriel has potential to be a player in WWE. Other than Evan Bourne's shooting star press, his 450 splash is the most amazing finisher in the company. If he could get more promo time and time to develop his character, the sky is the limit for him.

The biggest developing story of the night was Chris Jericho losing his spot in the six-pack challenge by losing to John Morrison.

The GM had announced that because of Jericho and Edge walking out in the 10 man elimination match last week that if either of them lost, they would lost their spot at the pay-per-view.

Jericho losing was a great swerve, and with his contract coming up real soon, it was a copout from having to honor the stipulation that if Jericho doesn't win the WWE championship he would leave.

It would obviously make sense for Morrison to take his spot in the main event, but plans could change and Jericho could be added back into the ppv.

I laughed at Morrison coming up to Jericho and saying in a deadpan way "bad night hun." To add insult, he used his "do you understand what I am sayin to you right now" line, and Jericho was gold with his facial expressions.

The Edge-Great Khali match was embarrisingly bad.

First, Edge beat Khali buy countout after goading Khali to follow him up the ramp only to kick him in the leg and run to the ring and win.

The GM then said that the win wasn't enough and had the match restarted again with the stipulation that to win someone had to go over the top.

After Khali threw Edge through the middle rope, he went over the top rope, and Cole echoed what most of the people watching were thinking when he said "Hello". The ref ignored the situation and the match continued.

Moments later Edge pulled Khali over the top rope and kept his spot at NOC.

Like everybody else, I just don't see no entertainment value in Khali whatsoever. He's slow, uncoordinated and doesn't have the charisma that other "giants" like Undertaker, Kane, and the Big Show have.

Enough is enough. Get rid of him already.

The Miz was awesome no pun intended when he unveiled the new cover of WWE Magazine with him on the cover. He proceeded to lay into everyone that doubted him and said he couldn't make it.

I have to say that when I first saw the Miz, I thought he would be released in a year. His annoying act and his baggy ring attire screamed opening card purgatory, but now, the guy is one of my favorite wrestlers on the show, and he will eventually be WWE Champion.

Daniel Bryan interrupted Miz and mockingly congragulated him on his magazine cover. He then challenged him for a United States title match at NOC.

Miz accepted and tried getting the upper had on Bryan, but rebounded and had him in his submission manuever only for Alex Riley to sneak attack from behind.

Bryan regrouped and got Riley in his submission while Miz watched from the ramp. I liked Bryan smiling while applying the submission and Miz watching his rookie tap out.

I'm really digging this rivalry right now, and next to the six pack challenge, this is the next best match on the show for me.

With Jericho and Edge trying to find out who the mystery GM is, I think we are getting closer to finding out real soon. At first I thought Jim Ross would be GM, but I think in the end it will be Michael Cole revealed as the GM with the way he was passive in saying that he didn't know what Jericho was talking about when he questioned him on who the GM is.

Next week's Raw is advertised as the season premiere with Raw Roulette being the theme.

All I have to ask is how can you have a season premiere when your show runs every week with no breaks?

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